Association Management Partners, Inc. (AMP) is dedicated to the successful administration of an association's goals and objectives as well as the supervision of the association's day-to-day operations. To accomplish this statement, Association Management Partners, Inc. abides by three basic rules:


Commitment - Association Management Partners, Inc. believes it's ultimate charge is the security and well-being of an association.


Knowledge - Association Management Partners, Inc. has the communication and meeting planning skills required to maintain the daily mechanics of an association as well as the association's convention planning for it's members.


Detail - Association Management Partners, Inc believes that the smallest detail must be followed through in order to run a successful association. Turning ideas and strategies in to realities assures the association that AMP is operating with them in mind.


Specializing in management of small to medium sized statewide associations!


Kari Catton

Kari Catton, CMP