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The Track Home: The Orphan Train

1910. The Orphan Train assisted over 250,000 children travel from New York to the Midwest from 1854 – 1929. Some children did find new homes and families, some children met with heartache and sadness. This play chronicles the journey of 11 new passengers as they ride the track to a new home.
Received 9th Place in 2008 for the national playwriting contest for the Writer’s Digest.



Healin’ Home

1910. The sequel to The Track Home as three of the orphaned siblings, Andalusia, Casey and Bit, have run away from the Orphan Train and try to cut across Missouri to get back to the Mississippi River. Along the way, they meet Sue and Jason Coley, heartbroken parents who have lost their child to an illness. Through intervention from Bernadine, the housekeeper, a yearning for family is awakened and hearts begin to mend.
2009 Honorable Mention, Jackie White National Playwriting Contest for Children. (Published by Big Dog Plays and Norman Maine Publishing, July 2012)


The Sparkle Miser (published by Big Dog Plays and Norman Maine Publishing, July 2012)

The Sparkle Miser has the responsibility to make stars.  He is getting old and does not have the strength to do it anymore.  He has found a replacement of the stars by stealing the sparkles from the eyes of children and placing them in the sky as starlight.  Stacy must help her sister, Julie, retrieve the sparkles stolen by the Sparkle Miser.


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The One Born With A Veil – ten-minute play

2002 Winner, Alabama Short Play Writing Contest


Born With a Veil

1930’s remote hills in South Carolina near the Catawba River. Cal & Ferris are twins, it’s their 13th birthday and their mother, Selena, watches over them closely. She knows the signs of the ‘one born with the veil’; psychic abilities run strong in her family. Psychic abilities are dangerous as well. Selena struggles to protect and guide her children who are showing signs.


Picnic - 25 Years Later