Multi-management companies specializing in association management have been around for over 100 years. They developed from a need to provide professional staff for small associations. It's an affordable, cost effective solution for the growing association's board of directors to have policies implemented to further the interests of their membership. Shared operating expenses such as office space, personnel, telephones, copy machines, postage machines, and fax machines are shared with the other multi-management company’s clients and save a young association's resources. These resources can then be channeled for member recruitment, membership services, and other programs guided by the association's board of directors. The professional skills offered by a multi-management company include membership recruitment and retention, meeting planning, marketing, accounting, and sometimes lobbying. These tasks are carried out at the direction of the association's board of directors by the multi-management company with the association's individuality and identity in mind.

The familiarity of the day-to-day duties of association management and the understanding of association programs, services, and desire for growth makes Association Management Partners, Inc. the management firm for small Illinois associations in need of professional management.